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Acrylic Lens - For FIX-11225 - MaxLite 70785
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MaxLite 70785 - Acrylic Lens Cover for MaxLite 11225

High Bay Fixture - HighMax

Designed to work with the MaxLite 11225 high bay CFL fixture, this 70785 replacement lens cover is made from a quality clear acrylic. The lens is diffused and designed to work with the self ballasted CFLs associated with the proper high bay fixture. The fixture itself is suited for warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, or any large area. This lens cover works with the additional accessories associated with the MaxLite 11225 such as the wire guard or cone lens.


Stock Code:  FIX-11225LC
Part No.:  70785
Diameter:  16.5 in.
Brand:  MaxLite
Color:  Clear
Material:  Acrylic

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