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Lutron LOS-CUS-2000-WH - Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor
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Lutron LOS-CUS-2000-WH - Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor

360° Ultrasonic Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor - Minor Motion Detection - For Incandescent and Fluorescent Loads - 24VDC

The Lutron LOS-CUS-2000 ceiling-mount ultrasonic occupancy sensor can integrate into Lutron systems or function as stand-alone controls using a Lutron power pack. Any movement within the sensor's range causes a shift in the original emitted frequency. The sensor's receiver identifies any change in frequency as motion and either turns the lights on or maintains lights on.


  • Intelligent, continually adapting ultrasonic sensor
  • Snap-locks to ceiling-mounted cover plate
  • Excellent minor motion sensitivity
  • Non-Volatile Memory: settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages
  • 500 to 2000 sq. ft. (46 to 186 m2) coverage when mounted on an 8 - 12 ft. (2.4 to 3.7 m) ceiling
  • Affords choice of turning lights off or dimming to a preset level in the unoccupied state when integrated with a Lutron system

Self-Adaptive Feature

Designed to meet the challenges found in a wide variety of spaces, the LOS-CUS Series provides reliable detection with high minor motion detection. The intelligent, continually adapting sensor technology eliminates manual sensitivity and timer adjustments during installation and over the life of the product. The internal microprocessor analyzes the information from the ultrasonic technology and determines the optimum setting to use in order to properly cover the space. Should the room be reconfigured (e.g., new furniture), the software will adapt to continue to provide correct time out for the lights.


Stock Code:  LUT-LOSCUS2000W
Part No.:  LOS-CUS-2000-WH
Amperage:  33 mA
Color:  White
Height:  1.4 in.
Load Type:  Incandescent/Fluorescent
CA Title 24:  Compliant
Brand:  Lutron
Voltage:  24
Beam Angle:  360 Degree
Coverage:  2,000 sq. ft.
Diameter:  4.5 in.
Sensor Type:  Ultrasonic

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