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Bulb Changer for PAR38 Lamps
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4 ft. Bulb Changer Extension Pole with Head - PAR38 Lamps


This 4 ft. bulb changer extension pole with head is specially designed to remove and replace PAR38 flood lamps. Using a vacuum like suction it attaches to the bulb. Do not exert any pressure, simply make contact and with a few turns the bulb can be removed from the socket. The bulb changer head can be used in combination with up to (4) 4 ft. extension poles. It eliminates the old method of using a ladder and makes it easy to replace those hard to reach lamps.


Stock Code:  PLT-FR38
Part No.:  FR38
Use With:  PAR38 Lamps
Brand:  PLT
Height:  4 ft.

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