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Amber Rope Light - 12 Volt - 200 ft. Spool
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1/2 in. - 12 Volt - High Output - Amber - Rope Light

2 Wire - 200 ft. Spool - FlexTec IF-72OR


Need a low voltage amber rope light? 12 volt rope light has all the advantages of typical 120 volt rope light, but is safer for use in outdoor and automotive applications. Customers use it in places as varied as tree trunks and under car frames. The only limit is your imagination! Still using only 5 watts per foot, this high output rope light is more than twice as bright as the competition. Features 3 power cords, 3 connectors, and 3 end cap. Requires a low voltage transformer (sold separately).


Stock Code:  SIV-IF72OR
Voltage:  12
Chasing:  No
Flashable:  Yes
Connection:  2 Wire
Length:  150 ft.
Life Hours:  25,000
Maximum Run:  30 ft.
Part No.:  IF72OR
Bulbs Per Foot:  12
Dimmable:  Yes
Color:  Amber
Cutting Intervals:  6 in.
Diameter:  0.5 in.
Light Source:  Incandescent
Watts Per Foot:  5


Mounting Tips

Continuous flexing of rope light may damage its internal electrical connections. To avoid premature failure, mount rope light to sturdy surfaces such as wood or glass and reinforce it with a channel raceway or reflector trim of the correct diameter.

If you must install rope light on an unstable or moving surface such as trees or bushes, it is most cost-effective to use incandescent rope light, which can be replaced at a lower cost than LED rope light.

Movement of frozen rope lights may also damage electrical connections. Avoid installing or re-spooling rope light when temperatures are below freezing. The PVC tubing can become brittle in temperatures below 50 deg. F.

Note on Installation Safety

While encourages all creative use of rope lights, we assume no responsibility for problems arising from cutting rope light. Professional installation is always recommended.

Special Note on 12V Rope Light

REQUIRED 12 Volt transformer is not included. Click here to purchase transformer.

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