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    Ushio 1000596 - 65 Watt - MR16

    Eurostar - FPB Flood - Glass Face - 4,000 Life Hours - 2,000 Candlepower - 12 Volt

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    Ushio 1000596 - 65 Watt - MR16

    Eurostar - FPB Flood - Glass Face - 4,000 Life Hours - 2,000 Candlepower - 12 Volt

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    Rated for a 4,000-hour life, the glass face Ushio Eurostar 1000596 MR16 halogen FPB flood lamp operates at 65 watts and 12 volts. It features a titanium oxide coated reflector, more durable than dichroic coating, to maintain consistent color throughout the life of the lamp. The MR16 has a 2-pin GX5.3 base and a beam angle of 38 degrees. With a color temperature of 3050K, this flood lamp's halogen capsule contains UV protection to eliminate 90 percent of UV radiation and is ideal for use in pendant, recessed, retail, and track lighting installations.


    Part No.:1000596
    ANSI Code:FPB
    Bulb Shape:MR16
    Bulb Color:Clear
    Color Temperature:3050 Kelvin
    Bulb Type:Halogen
    Life Hours:4,000
    Wattage:65 Watt
    CB Candlepower:2,000
    Beam Angle:38 Degree
    Base Type:GX5.3
    Face Type:Glass (Covered)
    Burn Position:Universal
    Length:1.81 in.
    Diameter:2 in.
    Case Quantity:50


    Features and Benefits

  • Long Life ??? Up to 5000 hours average
  • Excellent center-to-edge uniformity
  • High quality Titanium Oxide coating
  • Axial filament for precise beam control
  • Dimmable
  • Crisp white Halogen light
  • UV-cut Halogen capsule
  • Base type GU5.3

  • USHIO???s Eurostar??? reflector utilizes a multilayer titanium oxide coating which is much more durable than the standard dichroic coatings. The thickness and application of these coatings ensure that they do not crack or peel under the stress of high temperatures. Our Eurostar??? MR-16???s maintain color from lamp to lamp and throughout the life of the lamp.

    Inferior lamps display uneven and inaccurate beam patterns. Beam accuracy and uniformity is controlled by proper alignment of the lamp filament within the reflector. USHIO focuses the lamp filament inside the reflector, thereby optimizing the lamp???s specified beam pattern, light intensity, and beam uniformity.

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