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6 in. SnapLight Light Sticks - Yellow - 12 Hours - Industrial Grade - Cyalume 9-08004
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Cyalume 9-08004 - 6 in. Snaplight

(10 Pack)SnapLight Light Sticks - Yellow - 12 Hours - Industrial Grade

Cyalume's industrial grade 6 in. SnapLights provide 360 of illumination. They are foil wrapped for light/moisture protection, maintenance free, non-toxic, non-flammable, and waterproof.

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Stock Code:  CY-908004
Part No.:  9-08004
Duration:  12 Hours
Package Quantity:  10
Brand:  Cyalume
Color:  Yellow
Length:  6 in.


SnapLight Info

Cyalume SnapLight® Light Sticks vs. Other Light Sources

SnapLight® Light Sticks don't rely on batteries or electricity; there's no bulb, flame, spark, heat, smoke or fumes - just safe light.

  • Candles: The Red Cross specifically warns against using candles for light because of the flame's severe risk of fire. The Red Cross recommends SnapLight® Light Sticks for a home safety kit.
  • Flashlights: Provide limited, spot illumination and can be very expensive per flashlight. They run on batteries which immediately begin to drain when installed and may be run down when you need them. Batteries are toxic, leak, corrode and harm the environment. SnapLight® Light Sticks are always ready, fresh and completely safe.
  • Kerosene or oil lamps: Pose a serious risk of fire, are not mobile and cannot easily go where you need light - during power outages, evacuations and roadside emergencies. SnapLight® Light Sticks are safe, portable, and can go where you need them

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