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LED Tape Light Accessories
6 in. Driver Adapter - Connects LED Driver to 24V RGB Controller
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6 in. Driver Adapter - Connects LED Driver to 12 or 24 Volt LED Controller

FlexTec CA-P2C-6IN


This 6 in. driver adapter is used to connect a LED driver to the Tape Light Controller. It has a DC barrel female connector on the primary side that easily plugs into the LED driver. The secondary side utilizes 18 gauge conductors designed to be inserted into the LED controller. Be sure to insert the plain lead wire into the negative input of the controller, while the wire with the + sign will be inserted into the positive input of the controller.


Stock Code:  FLX-CAP2C6INBLK
Part No.:  CA-P2C-6IN
Brand:  FlexTec
Length:  6 in.

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