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    Monterey Garden - 1 gal. Image

    Monterey Garden - 1 gal.

    nsect Spray with Spinosad - Insect and Caterpillar Control - Organic Insecticide Solution - 704608

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    Monterey Garden - 1 gal.

    nsect Spray with Spinosad - Insect and Caterpillar Control - Organic Insecticide Solution - 704608


    Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad comes in a 1-gallon bottle and is designed for residential pest control. The active ingredient, Spinosad, is an organic substance produced by fermentation and is OMRI listed for use in organic production. Safe to use on lawns, outdoor ornamentals, vegetables, apples, citrus, and stone fruit, Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad is effective in controlling a plethora of annoying pests that enjoy feeding on your plants and produce (gypsy moths, leaf miners, tent caterpillars, fruit flies, and more).

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    Pests Controlled

    Pests Controlled:

    • Codling moth
    • Leafminers
    • Leafrollers
    • Borers
    • Oriental fruit moth
    • Tufted apple budmoth
    • Asparagus beetles
    • Armyworms
    • Fireworms
    • Fruitworms
    • Loopers
    • Thrips
    • Fruitfly
    • Katydids
    • Worms (caterpillars)
    • Cabbage Looper
    • Diamondback moth
    • Colorado potato beetle
    • Fire Ants

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    MPN (Part No.):704608
    Safety Rating:Not Applicable
    Volume:1 gal.
    OMRI Listed:Yes
    Case Quantity:4