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Mexican Bat Guano - 1 lb. Thumbnail

Mexican Bat Guano - 1 lb.

Vegetative Stimulator - Hydroponic Nutrient Solution - (10-2-1) NPK Ratio - Sunleaves SLMBG400

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UPC 872187000339
Weight 1 lb.
MPN (Part No.) SLMBG400
Brand Sunleaves
Case Quantity 12
N-P-K Ratio 10-2-1


Sunleaves' Mexican Bat Guano (NPK Ratio 10-2-1) 1-pound hydroponic plant nutrient functions as a vegetative growth stimulator and should be used during the early to mid vegetative stages of plant growth. It can be mixed into the soil, dissolved in water, or applied as a top dressing for slower release. Mexican Bat Guano is an excellent organic source of nitrogen and encourages leaf growth and overall plant vigor. With Sunleaves' Mexican Bat Guano, you can be confident that our "number two" is #1!