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Light Rail 5 System - Motor, Crossbar, 8 foot Rail
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Light Rail 5 System - Motor, Crossbar, 8 foot Rail

Adjustable Travel Distance - 0 to 60 Second Adjustable Time Delay - Gualala Robotics LR5SYS


Light Rail’s LR5SYS Light Rail 5 System is the most versatile and capable light mover manufactured by Gualala Robotics Inc. From its triple duty extruded aluminum track, to the high torque 4 rpm instrument grade drive motor with ball bearing output shaft and sure grip dual drive design it is more than capable of moving 2 or 3 lights side by side or in-line.

  • Kit includes LR5 Drive Motor, 2 section 8 foot rail, crossbar, mounting hardware and instructions
  • Can move up to 9 lights with available add-ons (sold separately)
  • Wide and stable carriage with steel-on-steel carrier bearings
  • 4 RPM drive motor

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Stock Code:  GROW-LR5SYS
Part No.:  LR5SYS
Weight:  17 lbs.
Brand:  Light Rail
UPC:  689001350002
Warranty:  1 Year


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