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Transparent Sopwith Camel - Authentic Models AP502T
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Large Transparent Sopwith Camel - Authentic Airplane Model

5 ft. Wingspan - Features Handmade Fabric-Covered Frame - Original Details - Authentic Models AP502T

Imagine living in the 1910s, where thousands of the Authentic Models AP502T large transparent Sopwith Camel were manufactured during the Great War. Bring those exhilarating feelings into the privacy of your own home with this authentic airplane replica. Featuring a fabric-covered hand-built frame and exact details from the original Sopwith Camel airplane, this flight model will bring an exciting and distinguished twist to any room's decor. Easy assembly.

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Stock Code:  AM-AP502T
Part No.:  AP502T
Length:  40.2 in.
Height:  17.9 in.
Weight:  10 lbs.
Brand:  Authentic Models
UPC:  781934557685
Width:  59.1 in.
Material:  Fabric/Wood/Chrome/Wire

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