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Microgarden - Ebb and Flow - Botanicare BCMGEF
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Microgarden - Ebb and Flow

Hydroponic System - 10 Gallon Reservoir - Includes Growing Media, Tubing, Nutrients, Submersible Pump, pH Test Kit, and Square Pots - Botanicare BCMGEF

With the Botanicare BCMGEF Ebb and Flow microgarden, you can grow big in a very small space! This microgarden is a multi-method hydrogarden ideal for propagating plants or nourishing and watering seedlings. This kit provides an inexpensive and automated method of providing plants with optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen for rapid growth. It includes everything you need to get started: 10-gallon reservoir, tray, growing media, nutrients, submersible pump, pH test kit, 5X5-inch pots, timer, tubing pump feed, and simple to follow instructions. For fun, simple, and low maintenance hydrogardening - choose the Botanicare BCMGEF Ebb and Flow microgarden system!

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Stock Code:  GROW-BCMGEF
Part No.:  BCMGEF
Length:  14.6 in.
Height:  32.7 in.
Brand:  Botanicare
UPC:  757900700102
Width:  18.3 in.
Weight:  31 lbs.

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