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7 Gallon Controller Kit - Active Aqua GFO7KT
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Grow Flow Controller and Bucket Kit - 7 Gallon

Includes Bucket Modules, High-flow Pumps, 55 Gallon Distribution Reservoir, and Controller Module - Active Aqua GFO7KT


Active Aqua GFO7KT grow flow 7-gallon controller kit is the most efficient Ebb and Flow system on the market. Grow flow is the only unit on the market with fail-safe overflow protection, and can be set up in many different sizes and shapes to fit your growing needs. Control the fill and drain process with ease by setting a schedule using the convenient built-in timer. In the event of a float valve failure, the emergency shut-off valve will automatically shut down the system, preventing spillage and/or damage to your growing area. The concave center drain buckets are engineered to fully drain, no more stagnant water in the root zone! For convenience and low-maitenance gardening, choose the Active Aqua GFO7KT controller kit! Kit includes 7-gallon controller module, 55-gallon distribution reservoir, (2) 250 GPH high-flow pumps, 12 bucket modules, and all of the fittings and tubing to install the system.

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Stock Code:  GROW-GFO7KT
Part No.:  GFO7KT
Warranty:  3 Years
Brand:  Active Aqua
Weight:  50 lbs.

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