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WaterFarm - Replacement Drip Ring - GenHydro GH4117
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WaterFarm - Replacement Drip Ring

8 in. Dia. - For Hydroponic Drip Systems - General Hydroponics GH4117


Add on or replace your existing drip ring with this General Hydroponics GH4117 WaterFarm drip ring! This drip ring dispenses water droplets onto your plants at an even pace, helping to keep plants moist at all times. The ring is made from plastic and is roughly 8 inches in diameter. While these rings do come standard with the WaterFarm drip systems, the user can also purchase drip rings separately to create a new drip system of their own. Don't let your plants go thirsty - get the General hydroponics GH4117 WaterFarm drip ring today!


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