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Controller System - General Hydroponics GH4520
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Hydroponic Controller System

Accommodates (12) Farm Modules Max. - 13 Gallon Reservoir - Includes Tubing, 8-Gallon Controller, Barbed Tees, and Elbows - General Hydroponics GH4520

Take control of your hydroponic system with this General Hydroponics GH4520 controller system today! This controller is a very simple and easy to use device - a container with a float valve that connects to the line of units. A reservoir filled with water and nutrients is located on top of the float valve and is operated by the controller. This system can accommodate up to 12 Farm modules maximum. System includes a 13-gallon reservoir with grommet fittings, blue 1/2-inch tubing, 8-gallon controller with float valve, seven (7) 1/2-inch barbed tees, and two (2) 1/2-inch elbows.


Stock Code:  GROW-GH4520
Part No.:  GH4520
Length:  12 in.
Height:  3.60 in.
Brand:  General Hydroponics
UPC:  793094045209
Width:  12 in.
Weight:  11.9 lb.

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