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Heavy 16 PRIME10L - Prime Enhancer – 10 Liter
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Heavy 16 - Prime Enhancer – 10 Liter

Prime Enahncer - NPK (0-0-0.8) – PRIME10L


Designed for use at all times of your crops' grow cycle, the Heavy 16 PRIME10L prime enhancer is a diverse liquid formation designed to be flexible throughout cultivation systems, from aeroponics to outdoor soil crops. Relying not only on superior plant nutrition experience, this 10-liter prime enhancer also utilizes six forms of potassium, yeast and plant extracts, L-amino acid, and B vitamin supplements, just to name a few. All of these ingredients work together to ensure your crops and their microbial life are optimally fortified and functioning at the peak metabolic rate. Not only does this prime enhancer ensure proper metabolic rate, but it also heightens the plants' tastes, colors, and flavors, all while expressing the plants' true phenotype. Despite the complex makeup of Heavy 16's prime enhancer, this product is incredibly easy to work with and is made up mostly of organic materials.


Stock Code:  GROW-PRIME10L
Part No.:  PRIME10L
N-P-K Ratio:  0-0-0.8
Case Quantity:  2
Brand:  Heavy 16
UPC:  736211385635
Volume:  10 L

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