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Pro-mix PT20281 - High Porosity Mycorrhizae
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High Porosity Mycorrhizae - 2.8 cu.ft.

Peat Based - Pro-Mix PT20281

This Pro-Mix PT20281 peat based medium contains mycorrhizae inoculum that attaches to and colonizes the roots system to increase water and nutrients acquisition. Available as a general purpose mix designed for a wide range of greenhouse and transplanting applications, this planting mix features a high porosity mix for use with water sensitive crops, root cuttings, and low-light growing conditions.

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Stock Code:  GROW-PT20281
Part No.:  PT20281
Bag Size:  2.8 cu.ft.
Width:  19 in.
Type:  Mycorrhizae
Brand:  Pro-Mix
UPC:  025849202811
Length:  5 in.
Height:  34 in.
Weight:  27 lbs.

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