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Hydrofarm HGCOV8 - 8 in. - Rockwool Block Covers
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Rockwool Block Covers - 8 in.

For Use with 8 in. Gro-Blocks - Pack of 40 - Hydrofarm HGCOV8

The dual purpose, Hydrofarm HGCOV8 block covers are specifically used for 8-inch rockwool or stonewool gro-blocks. With the white side reflecting light back towards plants and the black side blocking light from the media, these block covers reduce algae, pest problems, and mildew while enhancing growth proficiency. Pack contains 40 dual-sided block covers.


Stock Code:  GROW-HGCOV8
Part No.:  HGCOV8
Width:  8 in.
Weight:  0.3 lb.
Package Quantity:  40
Brand:  HydroFarm
Length:  8 in.
Height:  8 in.
Use With:  8 in. Gro-Blocks

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