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General Hydroponics GH98112 - Cocotek Mat
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Cocotek Mat - 4 x 8 ft.

Natural Coconut Fibers - General Hydroponics GH98112

The General Hydroponics GH98112 Cocotek mat is designed to lie underneath baskets, grow slabs, and grow cubes. This mat is 8 x 4 feet in size and 1/4-inch in height and can easily be cut to fit any size. Roots grow under the cocotek mat where moisture remains between flood cycles and this prevents roots from drying out. Made from natural coco fibers and bound by organic latex, this Cocotex mat is perfect for use with ebb and flow tables.


Stock Code:  GROW-GH98112
Part No.:  GH98112
Length:  8 ft.
Height:  0.25 in.
Weight:  8.3 lb.
Brand:  General Hydroponics
UPC:  793094981125
Width:  4 ft.
Type:  Coco Based

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