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PowerGrower Controller Kit General Hydroponics GH4832
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PowerGrower 8-Pack Controller Kit

For Use with PowerGrower Modules - 17 Gallon Reservoir - Includes Tubing, Controller, Drain Level Tube, Drip Rings, and Fittings - General Hydroponics GH4832

The General Hydroponics GH4832 PowerGrower 8-Pack controller/reservoir system automatically maintains proper fluid level in multiple growing units. This top feed/ drip hydroponics system has hexagonal shaped growing containers - each measuring 15 inches across and 15 inches tall, ideal for larger plants. Containers placed together create a high performance growing area, using only 4 feet of space. The PowerGrower kit is made from high-impact plastic that will give the user years of use. Includes everything you need to get started: (8) 3-gallon growing chambers, (8) individual reservoirs, (8) split tees, (8) drip rings, (8) clear airlines, (8) pumping columns with support tubes, (2) hatch covers, 20-foot blue vinyl tubing, connecting hose, float valve with pipe thread compound, drain level tube, pump column, single output air pump, and dual diaphragm air pump. ***Ships LTL Only***


Stock Code:  GROW-GH4832
Part No.:  GH4832
Width:  27 in.
Weight:  85 lb.
Brand:  General Hydroponics
Length:  22 in.
Height:  24 in.

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