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Ballast Kit
Hatch FR3200L - (1) Lamp - 32 Watt CFL - 120/277 Volt
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Hatch FR3200L

(1) Lamp - 32 Watt CFL - 120/277 Volt - Preheat Start - 0.99 Ballast Factor


The Hatch FR3200L is an easy to install 32-watt, 120/277-volt, electronic fluorescent ballast. This ballast is built with side leads to promote easy installation even when remote mounted. It uses a pre-heat start system, boasts a high power factor of 99 percent, and will even shutdown the circuit under abnormal operation to protect the system. This electronic fluorescent ballast is UL listed for outdoor use and rated to start at a minimum temperature of -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Stock Code:  HTC-FR3200
Part No.:  FR3200L
Voltage:  120/277
Length:  3.36 in.
Height:  1.18 in.
Operating Temp:  158°F
Power Factor:  99%
Type:  Electronic Fluorescent
UL Listed:  Type 1 Outdoor
Brand:  Hatch
Wattage:  32 Watt
ANSI Code:  C62.4/C82.1
Width:  2.15 in.
Lamps Operated:  (1) Lamp
Start Temp. (Min):  -13 Deg. F
Start Method:  Preheat Start
UL Class:  Class P
Warranty:  3 Years

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