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UVB T8 Replacement Bulb - California Lightworks
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UVB T8 Replacement Bulb for SolarStorm 800 and 400

15 watt - 18 in. - California Lightworks CLW-SS-18UVB


This California Lightworks CLW-SS-18UVB supplemental UVB T8 bulb is a replacement bulb for the SolarStorm 400 and 800. This 15-watt T8 bulb increases resin development and boosts plant potency and works best when used in the last 10-14 days of the flowering stage.


Stock Code:  GROW-CLWSS18UVB
Part No.:  CLW-SS-18UVB
Length:  18 in.
Brand:  California Lightworks
Wattage:  15 Watt
Life Hours:  18,000

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