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Earth & Grow  EG1000 - Starter Kit
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Earth & Grow Starter Kit - Connects 6 Plants

Includes (3) 6 ft. Connector, (3) 12 ft. Connector, (1) 8 Port Controller, (1) Outlet Tester, (1) Plant Tester - Earth and Grow EG1000

Earth & Grow EG1000 starter kits are the world's first available growing system that uses natural electricity to enhance plant growth. This revolutionary technology provides your plants with the perfect electrical stimulus needed to maximize growth, health and production. Reconnect your potted plants to the earth by allowing them to discharge AC radiation that is harmful to their health while simultaneously allowing the DC electricity from the earth to enter your plants' pots. It has been proven that plants grown using Earth & Grow are stronger, healthier and more vibrant. This starter kit connects six plants and includes three 6-foot connectors, three 12-foot connectors, one 8 port controller, one outlet tester, and one plant tester.


Stock Code:  GROW-EG1000
Part No.:  EG1000
Made in USA:  Yes
Case Quantity:  4
Brand:  Earth & Grow
UPC:  852823004013
Weight:  1 lb.

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