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Biowave Industries BW92000 - DI 9200
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BioWave Subsonic Harmonic Wave Machine - DI 9200

Covers 1 Acre - Ceiling Mounted - 110/240 Volt - 30 Watt - Plug and Play - For Hydroponics and Greenhouse Applications - Biowave Industries BW92000

The BioWave DI 92000 subsonic harmonic wave machine has been proven to create more yield in vegetables and fruits. This small indoor unit creates subsonic harmonic waves that resonate with plants and causes them to breathe better, grow more rapidly, resist diseases, and produce larger yields. Designed for hydroponic and greenhouse applications, it covers one acre or 43,560 square feet. The DI 92000 will run either on 110 volts or 240 volts. It draws only 30 watts when running and attaches to ceiling joints with ratchet pulleys. Once it is ceiling mounted, all you have to do is plug it into a 24-hour timer (sold separately) and watch your garden grow.


Stock Code:  GROW-BW92000
Part No.:  BW92000
Voltage:  110/240
Width:  12 in.
Material:  Stainless Steel
Weight:  37 lbs.
Brand:  Biowave Industries
UPC:  692771202044
Length:  36 in.
Height:  12 in.
Sold Separately:  24 Hour Timer
Warranty:  1 Year

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