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Iguana Juice Grow - Advanced Nutrients 5220-14 - 1-L
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Iguana Juice Grow - 1 Liter

Organic Veg Nutrient - Advanced Nutrients 5220-14-3


The Advanced Nutrients 5220-14-3 Iguana Juice Grow is a 100 percent organic 1-part organic veg nutrient that is completely water soluble. This 1-liter vegetative nutrient works well in hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, and outdoor gardens! Iguana Juice Grow gives you extraordinary plant growth during the vegetative cycle using a powerful blend of natural ingredients, while encouraging strong, branching and large healthy root systems. Iguana Juice Grow encourages fast growth, and short internode length that prepares the plant for a spectacular flowering cycle.


Stock Code:  GROW-5220143
Part No.:  5220-14-3
Volume:  1 L
Brand:  Advanced Nutrients
N-P-K Ratio:  3-1-3
Case Quantity:  3

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