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EZ-Clone EZWP925 - 925 Water Pump
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925 Water Pump - 800 Gal/Hr.

1 in. Pipe Thread Fittings - 120 Volt - Use with EZ-Clone 60 Original - EZ-Clone EZWP925

This high-quality mag drive EZ-Clone 925 water pump serves as a replacement for the same component found in the EZ-Clone 60 original cloning system. These pumps are extremely energy efficient in delivering 800 gallons of water and nutrients per hour to your hydroponic system. Only having one moving part with no motor seals to leak, they are oil-free and safe to use in small or large reservoirs due to the fact that they do not create heat. All EZ-Clone water pumps come standard with with a lifetime warranty and adjustable filter to prevent large debris from clogging your misters.


Stock Code:  GROW-EZWP925
Part No.:  EZWP925
Voltage:  120
Gallons per Hour:  800
Weight:  4.6 lb.
Warranty:  Lifetime Warranty
Brand:  EZ-Clone
UPC:  953229001443
Amperage:  1.25 Amps
Pipe Fitting:  1 in.
UL Listed:  Yes
Use With:  EZ-Clone 30 Original Cloning System

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