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Heavy 16 - ROOTS1L - Heavy Roots - 1 Liter
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Heavy 16 - Heavy Roots - 1 Liter

Roots Enhancer - NPK (0.7-1-2) - ROOTS1L


Designed as new additive to enhance the rhizosphere, Heavy 16's ROOTS1L Heavy Roots is an all-in-one root promoter, root protector, drip cleaner, and anti-precipitate. As a root promoter, this root enhancer increases branching of roots and root hairs. As a root protector, it will induce natural resistances, giving the plant a layer of systemic acquired resistance. As a drip cleaner and anti-precipitate, this 500-mL root enhancer will protect against lockout due to poor water or base nutrients, and will keep your equipment and media free from salt buildup and scale. To enjoy the full benefits of this revolutionary chemistry, 1 mL per gallon of Heavy Roots to your reservoir, followed by your normal additive and nutrient regimen.


Stock Code:  GROW-NURHHR1L
Part No.:  ROOTS1L
N-P-K Ratio:  0.7-1-2
Case Quantity:  12
Brand:  Heavy 16
UPC:  728028199253
Volume:  1 L

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