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CO2 Booster - HydroFarm CO2BOOSTBUDDY - Boost Buddy
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CO2 Boost - Boost Buddy

Organic CO2 Supplement - HydroFarm CO2BOOSTBUDDY

The HydroFarm CO2BOOSTBUDDY Boost Buddy is a great CO2 system for growers with very small spaces. This 5-pound organic CO2 supplement bag weighs in at five pounds and features a Tyvek breathe strip that is nine times the size of any other available bag on the market. Requiring no daily maintenance and producing no electricity or heat, Boost Buddy is constantly producing CO2, which causes your plants to grow healthier and stronger. Just place the Boost Buddy inside your grow area and you'll notice your plants becoming healthier with each passing day. For grow areas larger than 4 x 4-feet, this organic CO2 supplement is designed to be used only as an accessory to your organic CO2 generator.


Case Quantity:  16
Brand:  Co2Boost
Weight:  5 lbs.

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