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Camdon Fir Christmas Trees

Camden Fir Christmas Trees

These Camden Fir artificial Christmas trees are slim yet elegant in design. Each tree comes with a warranty lasting up to 25 years, making it possible to use the fir year after year. Find the tree that fits your decorating space. We offer smaller 2-foot, 3-foot, and 5.5-foot trees for lower ceilings. The standard 6.5-foot and 7.5-foot trees work well indoors for average ceiling heights. The 8.5-foot, 9.5-foot, and 12-foot PVC trees are perfect for grandiose and high ceiling displays. All trees come in pre-lit and unlit varieties. Artificial Christmas trees are easy to set up and can instantly put people in the mood for the holiday season. If you need help choosing your Christmas tree, our staff at is ready to help.