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LED Mini Lights

LED Mini Lights

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It's a Brighter Christmas with LED Mini Lights

Brighter than traditional incandescent stringers, LED Christmas lights are the top choice for decorating indoor and outdoor spaces this holiday season. With colors ranging from warm white, orange, green, and many more, you can choose string lights in your favorite color or to match your holiday theme. Want the nostalgic look of incandescent Christmas lights, but without the heat? While still bluer than traditional string lights, warm white LED mini lights are designed to most closely match the color of incandescent string lights. For an even warmer glow that closely resembles the light output from antique lighting, our warm white deluxe light strings are a very warm color. Multi-colored lights are also available if you can't decide which color you'd prefer. Most string lights are available in three different wire colors: green, white, and brown.

How Purple are the Purple LED Mini Lights?

All purple Christmas lights skew towards red on the red-purple-blue scale because the only way to get a deep violet color is with a black light. The purple lights are closer to blue than our pink Christmas lights, but color is subjective and some customers still consider the purple Christmas lights to be pink when turned on.

LED Mini Light Shapes

LED string lights offer much greater flexibility in size and shape compared to traditional strings, but are also offered in the same traditional shape you're used to with incandescent strings. Here are some of the popular LED string light shapes:

  • Traditional Shape - Traditional shaped LEDs bring you the energy savings of LED while maintain the classic look of incandescent mini lights. Just don't get them mixed up as LED strings and incandescent strings cannot be used on the same run.
  • Faceted Traditional - These LED string lights have a shape similar to traditional mini Christmas lights. The faceted design means the colored cap is cut in a prismatic or crystal-like pattern that softens the light. You get less sharpness while maintaining the rich color which LEDs provide.
  • Wide Angle - Because LEDs are a directional light source, the traditional shape LED mini lights don't look as bright when viewed from the side compared to when viewed straight on. These wide angle mini lights are 5 millimeters wide with a concave tip which allows the light to be dispersed in a 180-degree beam angle making your tree appear brighter from all angles.
  • Shimmering Spot - As the original LED mini light design, these may also be called “multi-directional” lights. The curved design focuses the light straight out of the rounded tip while also releasing some light in a 180-degree angle. This shape and its concentrated light also helps create a unique "twinkling" effect when the lights sway gently and are viewed from afar and is especially effective in outdoor displays where the wind gently shakes the lights. The effect is compared to dozens of tiny flashlights, blinking on and off.
  • Are the Individual Bulbs Replaceable?

    None of our LED string lights have replaceable bulbs. In order for them to be outdoor Christmas lights, we use a single piece molded construction design This protects the strings from water invading the sockets, making them safe for outdoor use. The string is fully rectified meaning it will still stay lit even if one bulb is out. Because some differences in color can happen between batches, if you are trying to match colors across a long string or full display, it's best to buy all of your strings at the same time. Buying the same lights two or three years apart may have slight variations to the color between batches or bins.

    From 17 to 25.5 feet in length, these LED string lights have either 50 or 70 bulbs per string. Using 3.5 to 4.8 watts, Christmas string lights are an easy way to add color and shine to the interior or exterior of your residential or commercial space. Decorate your tree with LED Christmas light strings from to make your holiday season sparkle.