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Flexible LED Neon Rope Light

LED Neon Rope Lights vs Traditional Glass Neon

The biggest difference between traditional glass neon lighting and flexible LED neon rope light is the installation. Glass neon requires a master craftsman for installation and maintenance while neon rope lights can be installed by almost anyone. Once it's installed, neon rope light will last up to three times as long as glass neon, plus you don't have to worry about electromagnetic interference (EMI) with a neon rope light installation. If the glass tube of a neon sign breaks, special care must be taken due to the mercury in the tube and the entire sign must be replaced. If a section of the LED rope light goes out, it can be cut out and a new section spliced in with the use of an invisible splice kit.

How to Install LED Neon Rope Lights

Installing neon rope light is very similar to traditional incandescent or LED rope light. Before starting your LED neon rope light installation, measure out and cut the rope light to the required length. Keep in mind the maximum run for 120 Volt neon rope light is 150 feet. Therefore if your application needs a longer run, you'll need additional power supplies. These neon rope lights can be cut in 18-inch intervals using a PVC pipe cutting tool or sharp shears, however doing so will void the UL listing. Use an end cap to cover the end of the rope light not connected to the power supply. Secure the power adapter cord to the rope light by tightening the threaded collar. If installing two parallel runs of neon rope light, ensure there is at least a half inch of space between them so that the rope light doesn't overheat. To mount your rope light in a curved line or other shapes, use mounting clips to secure them to a flat surface. For straight line applications, use plastic or aluminum mounting tracks. LED neon rope light should not be twisted, hung vertically, or suspended without support. When bending the rope light, only bend from side to side; do not bend upwards or downwards as this could damage the LEDs.

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