Grow Light Timers and Controllers

Grow Light Timers and Controllers

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Types of Timers and Controllers

Plug-In Timers

Suitable for household outlets, these plug-in timers are inexpensive, easy to use and easily programmed. Explore our wide variety of single and dual outlet timers from trusted brands like Titan Controls, Intermatic and HydroFarm. These ready to use products are appropriate for pumps, fans, lights, and other common growers' appliances.

HID Light Controllers

For more serious applications, check out our large selection of hard-wired ballast controllers. These commercial grade units are set to operate multiple HID ballasts at once, synchronizing the firing of the grow lamps.

Cooling and Heating Thermostats

Control your heaters, AC units and more with durable, cooling and heating thermostats. Set your day and night time temperatures with ease with products from great brands like Autopilot.

Gavita E-Series

Buy and save on your electricity cost with the EL1 Ballast Controller from Gavita. This digital controller is capable of managing up to 40 1000W lamps at once using USB cable connections. With auto dim capabilities and programmable sunrise/sunset settings, get the light you really want.

CO2 Controllers

Adjust CO2 levels easily with analog or digital CO2 controllers. Units from top brands like Autopilot and Titan Controls come with probes and sensors so that you can set daytime and nighttime levels.

Environmental and Greenhouse Master Contollers

Full greenhouse automation is within your grasp with these quality climate control devices from Autopilot. Don't overpay for timers and probes. A single Master Controller can operate temperature, CO2 levels, humidity and more. Your growing environment is in good hands with