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LED Motion Lights & Security Lights

Benefits of LED Security Lights with Motion Sensors or Photocells

Motion activated light fixtures are a great way to keep your home safer at night. Motion activated light fixtures come on when a person, car, or large enough animal comes into the range of the motion sensor. Security light fixtures equipped with photocells come on automatically as the sun goes down and off again at sun rise. These types of fixtures allow for night time security lighting you don't need to think about or remember to turn on. The LED technology of these security light fixtures means the light comes on instant when triggered, and the fixtures consumes less power than incandescent or halogen alternatives as well as lasting years longer. Since LEDs can come in various color temperatures, they can be found in 4000-5000 Kelvin which has been shown to increase visibility at night. Most of our LED security lights feature integrated LEDs to help prevent someone from breaking or tampering with a replaceable bulb.

What to Keep In Mind When Installing Security Lights

Install your security lights in a spot that's high enough so that it's difficult to reach by someone on the ground to help minimize tampering or vandalism, and be sure the light isn't blocked by trees or bushes. Position the fixture so the light is directed at an object that will be noticeable from inside your home when the lights turn on but isn't shining into any neighbor's windows like a fence or tree. The light should be evenly distributed to avoid hard-to-see high contrast shadows, and not overly bright so it's easier for your eyes to adjust to the sudden light.

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