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LED Wraparound Fixtures

Surface Mount Ceiling Fixtures - LED Wraparound

These surface mounted LED wrap fixtures deliver light from the bottom and sides for all around illumination, unlike most recessed troffers or LED panels which can only emit light downwards. LED wraparound lights consume less power and last longer than their fluorescent equivalents. Wrap around LED light fixtures feature integrated LEDs instead of replaceable bulbs, reducing your maintenance costs. For further savings, some 4-foot LED light fixtures meet DLC requirements and may qualify for local or state rebates.

LED wrap around lights have two size options: 2-foot and 4-foot lengths. 2-foot LED wrap fixtures are ideal for smaller spaces such as small utility closets or laundry rooms, while a 4-foot LED fixture is better suited for larger spaces like garages and basements. Wrap around fixtures are available in a variety of color temperature and Lumen outputs. For a warm and welcoming light, choose wraparound fixtures with a 3500 Kelvin light. A LED wraparound light producing a 4000 Kelvin light helps reduce eyestrain. For areas where alertness is important, look for a LED wrap fixture that emits a 5000 Kelvin light. Some fixtures can be dimmed with compatible dimmer switches, and others have the option to be suspended or pendant mounted.

Where to Use LED Wraparound Fixtures

LED wraparound fixtures are suitable for use in wide variety of applications in homes and businesses. If the LED wrap fixture is rated for dry locations, the fixture should not come into contact with any form of water. Damp location rated fixtures are safe to use in areas where moisture is present, such as stairwells and attics. For areas where a LED wrap fixture will come in direct contact with water, choose wet location rated fixtures. Examples of wet locations include parking garages and commercial bathrooms.

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