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Pink - LED - Mini Lights - Christmas Strings

If you are a princess at heart, you'll love these pink LED Christmas mini lights! Decorate the nursery, or use these mini string lights as part of your gender reveal party.


Pink LED mini string lights last longer, use less energy compared to incandescent strings, and are cool to the touch. Putting together a massive display? You can safely connect multiple strands together end to end to create long runs. To ensure water and dirt cannot enter the sockets, these Christmas lights are a single piece molded construction without replaceable bulbs. Pink LED Christmas lights will stay lit even if a bulb goes out.

Pink LED Christmas lights come in a variety of shapes specifically suited for your decorating needs. For a bright light that can be seen from any angle, look for strings with wide angle bulbs. If a softer light is desired, faceted traditional bulbs have a prismatic pattern cut into the cap and have a shape similar to traditional incandescent strings. Brighten your daughter's princess-themed birthday party or bedroom by hanging these lights in doorways and windows. Create a fun holiday look by nestling lights on a green wire into topiaries, wreaths, and other greenery. Drape pink LED stands from tress for weddings. Pair these lights with red LED string lights for a romantic look for Valentine's Day.