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LED Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights

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Types of Shop Lights

LED shop lights are a must have for workshops, utility rooms, garages, and other commercial applications. Our LED shop lights have either an on/off pull chain or an on/off switch at one side of the fixture. All can be suspension or surface mounted and are designed with a plug-in cord with no need for hardwiring. Available in a range of Lumens and color temperature options, our LED shop lights feature high-performance integrated LEDs to eliminate any LED tube and ballast compatibility issues while still delivering years of quality light.

Benefits of Integrated LED Fixtures

Integrated LED fixtures have built in LED arrays rather than separate bulbs. These diodes are designed with a specific Kelvin color temperature and Lumen output when they are built. These types of fixtures tend to have a longer life rating and efficacy rating with compared to LED fixtures that use separate LED bulbs. Since they are an all-in-one system, the compatibility issues typically associated with ballasts are eliminated.

Utility Lighting Color Temperatures

It's important to have consistent color throughout when lighting a space. These 4000 Kelvin lights have a color output similar to clear metal halides lamps and is recommended for work spaces because it is specifically designed to reduce eye strain and create a productive work environment.

Industrial Style LED Shop Lights

Some of our LED shop lights, referred to as "industrial style" fixtures, have wings on the sides of the fixture. These wings help direct more light downward making them more suitable for higher ceilings than fixtures without wings. Most of our LED shop lights have a lens to give the fixture a more finished look. However, some are designed to look as though there are tubes. The light is unaffected by the design and the choice of which you prefer is based solely of aesthetic preference.

Regardless of your unique work area, our talented team of lighting experts can help you find the LED fixtures you need. Just give us a call at 1-800-624-4488.