T5 Grow Lights - Fluorescent

T5 Grow Lights - Fluorescent

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Maximize Yield by Using the Right Grow Light

Plants thrive in different color temperatures during different phases of the growth cycle. During the vegetative stage, lights in the blue spectrum with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin or higher are ideal to maximize your plant's growth. During the flowering stage, plants need lights in the red spectrum ideally between 2000 Kelvin and 3000 Kelvin.

Green grow lights are a heavily debated topic among horticulturists. Using green grow lights has been found to limit plant height, but produce denser yields. It is therefore best used for gardens where a short, dense crop is favorable. Green light has also been shown to stimulate plants growing in unfavorable conditions, such as areas where light is limited by helping plants absorb more of the red and blue lights when available. Plants that tolerate or thrive in shade are best suited for green grow lights.

These T5 grow lights are 5/8 inch diameter fluorescent tubes. If your fixture needs 1 diameter tubes or has medium bi-pin sockets, you'll need a T8 fluorescent grow light.