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Fluorescent & LED Troffers

Introduction to Fluorescent & LED Troffer Lights

A staple of commercial lighting, troffer lights are used in classrooms, offices, hospitals, and other workplaces. These fixtures are set recessed into the ceiling typically in a grid pattern to provide bright even lighting, however some fixtures allow for suspension mounting. Troffers come in parabolic or indirect lighting options and in a variety of sizes including 1x4, 2x4, and 2x2. You can find 2, 3, or 4 lamp fluorescent fixtures, LED troffers, or LED ready fixtures. Fluorescent fixtures and LED ready troffer fixtures allow you to choose which tube lights you want to use. LED troffers feature integrated LEDs programmed to a specific Lumen output and color temperature.

Parabolic vs. Indirect Fixtures

Parabolic fixtures shine most of their light, about 90-100%, downward. This can create a cave effect by leaving the ceiling and the top of the walls darker than the floor and work areas. Indirect fixtures eliminate this issue by shining their light upward. This bounces the light off the ceiling then into the workspace, creating a more even light distribution. Due to the more diffused light emitted from indirect fixtures, employees working under them tend to experience less eye strain, headaches, discomfort, and fatigue caused by light glare.

Fluorescent vs. LED Troffers

Fluorescent troffer lights are a common source of office lighting, and with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) setting higher regulations and standards for lighting, fluorescent tubes are more energy efficient than ever. However, fluorescent troffers have a shorter lifespan and higher Lumen depreciation than LEDs. As Lumen output decreases, the tube lights must be replaced to not interfere with worker productivity. Fluorescent troffers may also suffer from ballast failure.

LED troffers, both LED ready and fluorescent replacements, last longer than fluorescent fixtures and do not depreciate Lumens as quickly, so they require less maintenance. You can easily find LED troffers that maintain at least 70% of the initial Lumens for 100,000 hours. LEDs also consume less power than other lighting alternatives to help you save money on energy costs. Our LED troffers operate off line voltage via direct wire installation to eliminate issues with ballasts.

Ready to upgrade to LED but not ready for the expense of changing out all your fixtures? Hybrid LED tube lights can operate with or without a ballast. As long as you find an LED tube compatible with your fluorescent ballast, LED light is as easy as replacing a light bulb. Once the ballast in the fixture fails, disconnecting the ballast and wiring the tube directly to the line voltage allows you to continue to use the hybrid tubes. While not as efficient as an LED troffer or LED ready fixture, the upfront cost is more manageable.

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