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White Christmas Lights - White Wire

White Christmas Lights - White Wire

These incandescent string lights have clear bulbs and a white wire popular for wedding lights and event lighting in addition to the Christmas season. Outdoor rated for wet locations, at least your lighting won't get rained out. Wrap them around pillars, hang them in tree branches, or suspend them from the rafters to create a magical gazebo. White Christmas lights with white wire are popular for outdoor Christmas installations and in wedding arches.

How Many Christmas Lights Can I String Together?

It depends on the string and the manufacturer. Each of our connectable string lights has the maximum number of connections listed on the product page. It can range from 3 sets or fewer to 25 sets or more depending on the number of bulbs and length of the string. When connecting Christmas lights, only connect incandescent strings to other incandescent Christmas lights and LED strings with other LED lights. If you mix an incandescent string with an LED string, the incandescents will draw too much power, overloading the LEDs, causing premature failure of the lights.

Connection Types: Stackable and Male to Female

Not all of the white string lights are connectable. A Christmas light string with "male only" listed for the connection means that the string only has a standard male plug for powering the string. Stackable male plugs mean that the plug connected to the outlet has a female connection on the back of the male plug. You can plug another male plug into the back, stacking two strings from the same outlet. In this case, the string does not have a female end, so the strings are all connected at the outlet, fanning out from there, so that you can run them across the mantle and along the stairwell or around the window from a single starting point. You cannot make the string any longer. A male to female connection doesn't stack, but does allow you to extend the length of the string. It means that the string has a male plug on one end and a female plug on the other. To recap:

  • Male Only Connection: cannot be extended or stacked.
  • Stackable Male Connection: multiple strings can stack at the outlet, but cannot be lengthened. Can be stacked to the maximum number of connections.
  • Male to Female Connection: Christmas lights have a male plug on one end and a female plug on the other end. Can be connected together up to the maximum number of connections.

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