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Incandescent Mini Christmas String Lights

Need Mini String Lights?

mini lightsThese mini lights are offered in wide range of clear and color options including multi-color and festive combinations that combines frosted white, red, and clear white bulbs on one string. Our incandescent Christmas lights are UL listed for wet locations meaning they are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Christmas mini lights are also dimmable with most dimmers and come with an extra bulb that causes the string to blink on and off when installed. Choose from a variety of wire colors to match your holiday lighting design. With several string lengths and different bulb spacing, you're sure to find the perfect Christmas mini lights for your home or business.

How Many Incandescent Christmas Light Strings Can Be Connected?

The number of mini string lights that can be connected together varies from string to string. Look for "Max. Connections" under the Specifications section on each product page. This number will tell you the maximum number of strings that can be connected for that product. Exceeding the maximum run will overload the string and shorten the life of the bulbs, and can even trip the circuit breaker or become a fire hazard.

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If One Bulb Goes Out, Does the Whole Mini Light String Go Out?

Our incandescent Christmas lights will stay lit if one bulb fails as long as the failed lamp remains in the socket. Be sure to replace the failed lamp as soon as possible with the replacement bulbs provided with each string. Delaying replacement will cause the other mini light bulbs to draw too much power and increase the failure rate throughout the remaining lamps.

Have questions about which type of mini string lights are for you? Contact our expert in-house staff for more information!