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Event Lighting

Easily recreate the look of a bygone era or add pops of color to greenery. We offer a wide range of lighting including antique bulbs, battery operated lights, and string lights. You are sure to find the right lights for your event.

LED Filament Bulbs

Create a classic or vintage look for weddings and anniversary parties with LED filament bulbs. These lights deliver the same warm light as incandescent filament bulbs while using less energy. Use LED filament bulbs in sconces, pendants, and patio string lights. These bulbs generally have a lower Lumen output and are for decorative purposes rather than as the main light source.

Wedding Lights

Make your special day magical by adding wedding lights. With several types to choose from, many of these lights have white wires to incorporate seamlessly into your decor. Drape LED and incandescent mini light strings from the ceiling or suspend patio strings over tables and paths at outdoor weddings. Place LED pillar candles on tables and use battery operated lights to light centerpieces or aisle decorations.

LED Mini Light Strings

LED mini lights strings aren't just for Christmas. Using less energy than incandescent string lights, these versatile lights can be used throughout the year to decorate for events and parties. Green, orange, and purple strings are ideal for adding a creepy vibe to your next Halloween gathering. Make your Valentine's Day dinner with your significant other more romantic by hanging some red or pink mini light strings around the table. Available in a large assortment of colors, the applications are endless.

Patio String Lights

Planning your next pool party or barbeque? Brighten your outdoor spaces with patio string lights. Featuring a variety of socket sizes and mounting, these strings can be paired with LED and incandescent bulbs. Some patio string lights come with bulbs included. These lights can be strung along paths, across yards, and around pergolas. If you are creating longer runs, make sure to use a guy-wire to keep the string from sagging.

Battery Operated String Lights

If you lack reachable outlets or don't want a visible power cord, use battery operated string lights. These lights are ideal for a wide range of projects including wrapping wreaths, lighting mantels or centerpieces, and making Halloween costumes stand out. Battery operated lights come in a variety of types including incandescent and LED mini lights, light up spheres, and string lights with ultra-then wires. To help conserve battery life, many battery operated strings have a built-in timer.

Antique and Vintage Incandescent Bulbs

Enjoy the warm glow of reproduction Edison lighting with these antique and vintage incandescent bulbs. With a wide assortment of shapes and filament patterns, these bulbs are ideal for open fixtures where the bulb can be clearly seen. Create a Victorian look for your mystery party or give your room a steampunk makeover for Halloween. Like LED filament bulbs, these lights are for decorative purposes only and are not bright enough to light a room alone.

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