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LED Garage Lights

LED garage lights are available in a wide variety of types. Choose between fixtures using integrated LEDs, LED ready fixtures that use replaceable LED tubes, or retrofit kits that allow you to keep your existing fixture. It is important to note that all LED ready fixtures are wired for use with single-ended LED lamps only. This means that the fixture is powered on one end only and has non-shunted sockets. Lamps for these fixtures are sold separately.

LED Canopy Lights

Emitting a bright cool white or stark white light that has been shown to improve overall visibility, LED canopy lights provide a safer environment in parking garages than the yellowish light of high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lights. LED canopy lights have no bulbs to replace, reducing time and money spent on maintenance. Choose between round and square fixtures, or keep your existing fixture by converting them to LED using retrofit kits.

Vapor Tight Fixtures

Looking for a fixture that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions? Sealed against dust, dirt, and water entry, LED vapor tight fixtures are another great choice for parking garages. LED ready vapor tight fixtures operate two to six direct wire T8 LED lamps and have multiple mounting options including suspension and surface mount. If you want a vapor tight fixture that doesn't require replacement lamps, go with LED vapor tight fixtures. These fixtures use integrated LEDs to help reduce maintenance costs. Available in multiple lengths, some LED vapor tight fixtures have a built in emergency backup that powers the light for up to 90 minutes in the event of a power failure.

LED Retrofit Lamps

Does your parking garage, hanger, or mechanics shop already have round high bays in good working order? Convert your existing fixtures to LED with LED retrofit lamps. These retrofit bulbs last longer than their MH and HPS counterparts and have color temperatures ranging from 4000K to 5700K. Some LED retrofit lamps require that the ballast be removed during installation, eliminating maintenance costs and compatibility issues associated with ballasts.

High Bay Fixtures

Suitable for the high ceilings of airplane hangars and other large commercial garages, high bay fixtures produce a high Lumen output and consistent illumination. LED ready high bay fixtures use LED T8 lamps, allowing you to choose LED T8 tubes based on the amount of light needed. Eliminate the need to replace tubes altogether with linear LED high and low bay fixtures. These fixtures use integrated LEDs with preset Lumen and color temperature output. To cover larger open spaces, look for fixtures with a wide light distribution. Narrow and medium light distribution can be used for areas with aisles of shelving.

Wraparound Fixtures

Wraparound fixtures are a good choice if you don't have the ceiling height to safely hang suspended fixtures. Mounting flush to the ceiling, these fixtures are out of the way of cars, ladders, and other objects that may bump into them. Wraparounds shine light from the bottom and sides, decreasing the cave effect that other more directional fixtures may cause. LED ready wraparound fixtures use replaceable LED T8 tubes. LED wraparound fixtures use built-in LED arrays instead of relying on tubes. If your garage is very damp, you should use damp rated LED wraparound fixtures instead.

Strip Light Fixtures

A good alternative to fluorescent fixtures in workshops and residential garages, LED strip light fixtures are easy to install and come in several lengths and types to fit your needs. LED strip light fixtures come on instantly to full brightness without needing a warmup period and use integrated LEDs to lower maintenance costs. LED ready strip lights fixtures use LED T8 direct wire lamps and come in 1, 2, or 4 lamp configurations. If you don't want to spend a much money replacing fixtures, LED strip light retrofit kits lets you keep your existing fixture by converting it integrated LEDs or covert the fixture to LED ready. If your garage tends to have a lot of dampness or moisture, make sure to choose a damp location rated fixture.

LED Shop Lights

Brighten workbenches and tabletops in your home garage with LED shop lights. Most of these fixtures simply plug into the nearest outlet for an easily installation that takes only minutes. Some LED shop lights are designed for hardwire installation to allow you to pair the fixture with a motion sensor. Other "industrial style" fixtures have wigs that direct light downwards and are better suited for higher ceilings. If your ceiling is higher than 15 to 20 feet, you should use high bay fixtures instead. LED shop lights can be surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling, and are available with or without pull chains.

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