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LED Miniature Bulbs

LED Indicator Bulb Options

At, we offer high-quality LED indicator light bulbs for an affordable price. Choose from a wide selection, with products ranging from double contact lamps to wedge-base bulbs. Thanks to LED technology, these bulbs are energy-efficient alternatives to halogen lamps and provide long-lasting light to save you money in the long run. LED indicator bulbs can be handled with your bare hands without the oils from your skin causing hot spots. We carry numerous bulb shapes and voltage types, and dimmable bulbs are available.

LED Indicator Bulb Bases

Bi-pin bases are easily recognizable by their two pins, and easily push down into sockets. These bases are labeled using the letter "G" followed by the number of millimeters between the pins:

  • G4 bases have pins that are spaced 4 millimeters apart.
  • GY6.35 bases have a 6 millimeter pin spacing.
  • G8 bases have pins spaced 8 millimeters apart.
  • G9 bulbs have 9 millimeters of space between pins.

LED indicator bulbs with festoon bases are specialty bulbs that can only be used in festoon sockets. Single contact bases have one metal contact on the bottom of the bulb, while double contact bases have two contacts. Both base types are installed by pushing them into place in the socket. T3 wafers resemble a flat disk and are available in several bi-pin base options. Wedge bases have enclosed pins and are designed to "wedge" into the socket. Candelabra (E12) bases are screw-types that are for used in candelabra sockets. Looped bases have two pins that have been formed into loops.

Where to Use LED Indicator Bulbs

Indicator lamps can be used in a wide range of application including puck lights, boats, overhead lighting in vehicles, and decorative fixtures. These bulbs are for use in dry locations where they will not come in contact with moisture. Some indicators bulbs are rated as waterproof and can be exposed to water as long are they are not submerged. LED indicator bulbs should not be used in rough service applications such as microwaves or ovens as the heat can damage the bulbs.

Not sure what type of LED indicator bulb your application takes? Our lighting experts are here to help! Call them today at 1-800-624-4488.

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