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LED Retrofit Lamps for HID Systems

LED Retrofit Lamps for HID Systems

When it comes to designing well-lit and energy efficient spaces, LED retrofit lamps from are a great choice. Our selection of LED retrofit lamps for HID systems work includes:

Benefits of Retrofitting

HID retrofits provide a wide range of benefits. LED retrofit lights are extremely efficient and operate using far less energy than traditional bulbs, reducing your energy costs. They also have longer life spans, reducing relamping and maintenance costs. These lower wattage LED lamps are also brighter and help improve visibility.

The biggest benefit of retrofitting with LED HID retrofits is that they don't require ballasts. Instead, they operate directly off of the fixtures line voltage. During installation, the ballast, capacitor, and starter must be removed from the fixture. This eliminates any ballast compatibility issues and maintenance costs. It also reduces the overall wattage of the fixtures.

Color Temperature Options

LED retrofit lamps are also available in a variety of color temperatures, or color of the light output. These retrofit lamps range from 2200 Kelvin up to 5000 Kelvin. Light bulbs emitting a 2200 Kelvin will have a light similar in appearance to high pressure sodium bulbs. 2700 Kelvin to 3500 Kelvin retrofit lights produce a warm light. Lamps producing a 4000 Kelvin or higher light delivers a cooler light that helps improve visibility. These higher color temperature bulbs are better suited for use in warehouses and parking lots where visibility is important.

At, we understand that navigating through your options can be challenging. That’s why our knowledgeable staff is available to help you narrow down your choices and select the best LED retrofit lamps for your needs. For assistance, please call 1-800-624-4488.