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PAR36 Reflector

Introduction to PAR36 Bulbs

In the lighting industry, the acronym "PAR" stands for "parabolic aluminized reflector." PAR bulbs use a parabolic mirror reflector to direction light into a specific beam angle that is unfocused around the edges. Our PAR36 bulbs have beam angles that vary from very narrow spot lights to very wide flood lights. This type of bulb is primarily used in landscape lighting, such as outdoor flood lights, because of this, our selection of PAR36s are suitable for enclosed or sealed fixtures.

Types of PAR36 Light Bulbs

Choose the type of light you want with our incandescent, halogen, and halogen/xenon bulb options. Halogen and xenon bulbs produce a warm 3000 Kelvin color temperature light, while incandescent bulbs produce an even warmer 2700 Kelvin light. Available between 2-250 Watts and 6-28 Volts, these PAR36 bulbs are sure to meet your lighting needs.