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Rope Lights | LED & Incandescent

Rope Lights: Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Displays

From accent and task lighting to party and event lighting, rope light is an easy and cost-effective solution. Incandescent or LED, line voltage or low voltage, clear or colored, with over 100 variations in style and color, we have just the rope light you need. Each reel and retail pack comes with useful accessories such as end caps, power cords, and clips to help you complete your lighting project. Whatever your plans are, has everything you need to make them happen.

Uncut rope light is UL listed for wet locations. Popularly used outdoors as part of Christmas light displays, you can leave the rope light in bushes without worrying about snow, rain, or sprinklers. If splicing the spool to change colors, use a shrink wrap water-proof connector and protect the power source from direct contact with moisture. Rope light kits come in a variety of lengths with waterproof connectors and end caps so that you can easily customize a length of rope light without any cutting or splicing.

Even though rope light is UL listed for wet locations, neither incandescent rope light nor LED rope light is submersible. These should not be used in fish tanks, pools, or any other installation where it will be completely covered by water for any length of time.

Note: All 12 and 24 Volt rope lights require a transformer.

Rope Lighting Accessories carries a wide range of rope light accessories. Whether you have 1/2 inch diameter, 3/8 inch diameter, or 5/8 inch diameter rope light, here you can find end caps, mounting clips, shrink tubes, suction cups, connectors, channels, adhesives, and anything else you need to complete your installation. Use mounting clips for straight lines in cove lighting or curves in DIY word art.

LED Strip Light

You may prefer LED strip light to rope lighting if you're looking for a thinner, more flexible, and permanent lighting solution. However, rope light has its advantages too. Check out our blog post, Rope Light vs. Tape Light: A Breakdown, to learn more about which type of lighting is better for what purposes.

Hybrid flat LED rope light is a middle-ground between the two: flat like tape light, but with a ribbon-like flexibility closer to rope light. While standard tape light has a maximum run of only 16 feet, this hybrid rope light has a maximum run of 146 ft.

Rope Lighting Buyer's Guide

You have several options in terms of color, input voltage, and style of rope light. This quick guide will help you understand the different shades of white rope light and how to tell if the lights blink or not.

  • Warm white is similar in color to standard incandescent bulbs. This is a good color temperature for cove lighting.
  • Pearl white is a very warm white. This rope light gives off a light in a hue between warm white and yellow.
  • Cool white is a bright white (almost blue). The light is around 4000 Kelvin and recommended for under cabinet lighting and other task-oriented installations.
  • Chasing rope light is paired with a chasing controller (sold separately) to make the lights flash or chase. Standard rope light is constant-on and does not blink or chase. Not all colors of rope light come with a chasing option, so look for categories and products that say "Chasing Rope Light" or call customer service for assistance.
  • Rope Light Kits are all-in-one kits designed for easy installation by including installation hardware and a molded power cord. These kits are extendable when interconnected together up to a maximum run. No splicing or extra tools required.

Caring for LED Rope Lighting

Rope light is flexible and can be twisted into all sorts of patterns. The trick to keeping it that way is to not bend it back and forth as that can weaken the connections. Try to keep the rope light curved the same direction when rolling up the Christmas decorations or putting away a custom installation.