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4 ft. 4000 Kelvin T8 Retrofit LED Tubes

No longer the sole domain of fluorescent tubes, retrofit T8 LED tube lights use less energy and last longer than traditional fluorescent tubes and they are RoHS compliant to be environmentally friendly. You can even get the familiar cool white color of traditional fluorescents at 4100K. Not only that, newer ballast compatible T8 LED lamps require no rewiring, unlike traditional direct wire T8s, which removes the need for an experienced electrician to install your new lights. If you can’t decide between Type A or B tubes, consider selecting a Type A+B hybrid that works with or without a ballast.

Type C LED driver compatible tubes operate with an external driver instead of your existing ballasts. Purchase the driver with the tubes to make sure it’s compatible with them. The driver bypasses the ballast, eliminating maintenance costs and compatibility issues ballasts often have. Adjust the wattage as needed to increase or decrease the lumen output using the driver, which allows for dimming with any compatible 0-10V dimmer.

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