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GU24 Twist and Lock

What is a GU24 Base Light Bulb?

Light bulbs that utilize the GU24 base have 2 pins protruding from the bottom of the bulb where traditional bulbs have a threaded base. These pins are inserted into holes in a fixture's socket and then twisted to lock the bulb into place. Our selection of GU24 base bulbs are available in LED and CFL technologies and a wide range of shapes. Choose from a variety of wattages and Lumen outputs to best suit your application. Color temperature option range from warm white light at 2700 Kelvin designed to resemble traditional incandescent lamps to cooler, stark white light. Studies have shown the cooler color temperatures can help reduce eyestrain and increase productivity.

Why Use GU24 Bulbs?

GU24 base bulbs use less energy and last longer than their screw-in alternatives, which helps you save money on energy and maintenance costs. Most GU24 bulbs are Energy Star certified or Title 24 compliant. Because of this some states, including California, require new constructions to be outfitted with GU24 socket fixtures to guarantee that a less energy efficient incandescent light bulb cannot be used. For tight fixtures, don't worry. GU24 base bulbs are typically shorter than bulbs with medium E26 bases.

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