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Warm White LED Christmas Mini Lights

Warm White Christmas Lights - LED Mini Light Strings

Give your next holiday lighting display a warm glow with these warm white Christmas lights. Available in green, white, or black wire colors, you're sure to find the right string lights to fit your decor. All of our LED string lights are single-piece molded construction, meaning the bulbs cannot be replaced, but are protected from water invading the sockets, making them safe for outdoor use. LED string lights are very reliable and should stay lit in the event a single LED fails. However, we sell an LED tester and PODs for repairing them. You can view the instructions for both on either product page.

LED Warm White Christmas String Light Shapes

LED string lights come in a variety of shapes to either replicate traditional Christmas lights or to cause a unique lighting experience. The traditional shape LEDs are an energy saving alternative that still has the classic look of incandescent mini lights. The traditional shape is available in a smooth or faceted finish which means the bulb's cap is cut in a crystal-like pattern to soften the light while maintaining the rich color of the LEDs. Shimmering spot is the original LED mini light design. This shape releases some light in a 180-degree angle with the majority of the light focused straight out of the rounded tip, creating a twinkling effect when viewed from afar. The shimmering spot shape is typically more suited for outdoor use than indoors because the focused light can seem too intense from up close. Wide angle LED mini lights have a concave tip which causes the light to be evenly dispersed in a 180-degree beam angle. This shape often makes the lights appear brighter compared to other mini light shapes.

Why Use LED Christmas Lights?

One major advantage to using LED Christmas string lights is their life span and low power consumption. This means you can keep using your warm white Christmas lights for years to come and use more of them. For example, a 17 foot incandescent string light with 50 individual lamps has a maximum connection run of 10 strings, but a similar LED string light can have 43 strings connected end to end without overloading the circuit. That's 170 feet of lights versus 731 feet. Now that's a lot of lights to make your home really shine this Christmas.

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