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LED Fixture Retrofits

3600 Lumens - 2 x 2 LED Troffer Retrofit - 3500 Kelvin - 32 Watt - 120-277 Volt - For use with Fluorescent Fixtures - Litetronics RF32UQT235


$64.29 ea.


3090 Lumens - 2 x 2 LED Troffer Retrofit - 3000 Kelvin - 30 Watt - 120-277 Volt - For use with Fluorescent Fixtures - Green Creative 97795


$75.56 ea.


LED fixture retrofit kits provide exceptional savings by using less energy and eliminating the need for ballasts. Some kits are DLC listed and may qualify for state or local rebates. LED fixture retrofits come in a variety of color temperatures, including 4000 and 5000 Kelvin which can be used to reduce eye and increase visibility. Some kits are made or assembled in the USA and many can be paired with 0-10V dimming controls.

Types of LED Fixture Retrofits

LED troffer retrofit kits are available for 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 fluorescent troffers and replace fluorescent tubes with LED diodes. These retrofits install in minutes, with some using magnets to secure the new housing. In many cases, you don't need to remove the fixture from the ceiling. However if your existing fixtures are broken or you want a new up-to-date look, you should replace the fixtures entirely.

LED strip light retrofit kits are available for 4-foot and 8-foot strip fixtures. You can opt to replace T8 or T12 fluorescent tubes with strips of LED diodes, eliminating the need for tubes altogether. Or you can convert the fixture into an LED ready fixture using LED ready retrofits. LED tubes can then be used, allowing you to pick the color temperature and Lumen output you want and change it as needed. Some kits use color coded sockets for easier tube installation, with red representing the powered end and green the non-powered end.

Where to Use LED Fixture Retrofits

Troffer retrofit kits are ideal for hotels, hospital, offices, and auditoriums. Strip light retrofit kits are suitable for storage facilities, warehouses, and garages. For areas that may have moisture present, such as bathrooms and utility rooms, look for fixtures that have a damp location rating.

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